Web Design Terms

Standard terms for web design and development services are stated below (project or contract specific terms may be more detailed and will always override any standard terms stated):



1. Rates


1a. Charges and rates are specific in quotations and or invoices for each contract, job or project. Rates published are indicative and may be depending on individual client specification or brief. Rates published are subject to change and are not binding.



2. Payment Terms


2a. For web design projects, payment is due on completion of relevant milestones, as per project specific terms. Standard payment terms are stated below;
- 25% deposit to confirm project
- 25% payment on completion of design phase
- 25% payment on completion of development phase 1 (site made available for preview)
- 25% final balance payment on completion website



3. Cancellations


3a. We reserve the rights to terminate our provision of service at any time. In the event that UniQ Studios are unable to perform their duties for any reason, including but not limited to; theft, fire, or illness, all relevant payments received will be returned to the client and UniQ Studios will have no further liability.


3b. In the event of client cancellation requests, we will charge for work that has already been carried out, plus a minimum of 50% of remaining agreed work. UniQ Studios reserves the right to charge the full invoiced fee in the event of cancellations. Cancellation request will be reviewed on an individual basis, and decisions will be made at our discretion.



4. Rescheduling


4a. In the event of client reschedule requests, we will charge for work that has already been carried out, plus a minimum of 25% of remaining agreed work. UniQ Studios reserves the right to charge up to the full invoiced fee in the event of reschedule request. Each request will be reviewed on an individual basis, and decisions will be made at our discretion.


4b. In the event of delays caused by Client’s failure to comply with agreed dates, times, content requests, organisation or other requirements specified or agreed, we reserve the right to charge additional costs incurred. Additional costs, including overtime rates incurred will be calculated at a pro-rata rate equal to x2 of agreed rates.



5. Amendments and Change Control


5a. Any amendments to original brief or specification must be in writing and agreed by both parties.


5b. Relevant changes to rates and turnaround times will be calculated based on the proposed changes and a new rate amendment quote will be provided and must be agreed with the client prior to any amended or additional work is carried out.


5c. Alterations to original specification will increase agreed turnaround times.



6. Force Majeure


6a. Neither party will be liable for failure to perform as a result of events or causes beyond their control such as fire, explosion, Act of God, picket, strike, and adverse weather.



7. Confidentiality


7a. Each party shall not use, copy, share, or sell, the data and business information of the other party, except as required by law. Both parties agree not to divulge to any other person, or make use of for own purposes, any confidential company or client information that may have been disclosed during the course of the agreement.



8. Data Storage


8a. After the completion of a job or project, clients are provided with the finished website and final project files. Unless data storage or web hostings forms part of the contracted agreement, the duration and length of time we store files thereafter is at our discretion and are not liable for files deleted, lost or damaged after project completion.



9. Data Protection


9a. All parties will conform to the requirements of the relevant UK Data Protection Legislation and not disclose personal information to any third party, except in accordance with such UK Data Protection Legislation.



10. Copyright


10a. By Law content creators always own copyright to creative work produced, and the Client or heirs retain copyright for all content supplied to UniQ Studios for use within the website design. Clients must ensure they have copyright or permission to use all web content supplied.


10b. Copyright of the completed web designs, related graphics, code and source files created within the project remains with UniQ Studios. Full usage rights is granted to the client upon final balance payment.


10c. Client agrees that resale or distribution, of the completed website or work supplied is forbidden unless by prior written consent.


10d. UniQ Studios always reserves the right to use work produced within our web or print portfolio, however clients may request for work produced for them not to be used by UniQ Studios within our work portfolio (Note: this may at times increase quoted rates and must be requested at quotation state).



11. Branding


11a. UniQ Studios reserve the right to add our logo and website link as accreditation to the finished website produced. Clients can request for a white label service with work produced for them not to have our branding and this must be (Note: this will increase quoted rates and must be requested at quotation state).



12. Non-Solicitation


12a. Clients will not directly, indirectly, or on behalf of others; solicit, induce, recruit, encourage or otherwise endeavour to cause or attempt to cause any employee, previous employee or consultant of UniQ Studios (that becomes known to the Client during the course of a contract or job/project) to perform any related business or to terminate their relationship with UniQ Studios, with a view to supplying the Client with related services.



13. Web Browsers


13a. UniQ Studios makes every reasonable effort to ensure websites are designed to correctly work on and be accurately displayed on most popular current browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, or as specified in contract scope). UniQ Studios cannot guarantee correct functionality with all browser software across all operating systems.


13b. UniQ Studios does not accept responsibility for website pages that do not display correctly in new browser versions after completion and hand-over of the website.



14. Hosting


14a. Where web hosting does not form part of the project specification, the client must grant UniQ Studios full temporary access to the Client's host server via FTP and control panel.



15. General


15a. Websites will only be launched once balance payment is received.


15b. UniQ Studios is not responsible for creating web copy or other content for the website unless this form part of the project scope and specification agreed.



16. Warranty


16a. Hand-Over and website launch is done after client review and acceptance, however we offer a 1 month warranty. During the first 1 month from hand-over date we will provide up to 3 hours of free technical support, which includes correcting any found errors or deficiencies.



17. Variations


17a. These Terms and Conditions are valid at time of booking and are subject to variation. Clients will be notified of any variations prior to booking.



18. Applicable Law


18a. All agreements shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.

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